About the CHP 11-99 Foundation

Visionary civic leader Bob Weinberg founded The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation in 1982 to provide emergency benefits to California Highway Patrol employees and their families in times of crisis.

Since its inception, the CHP 11-99 Foundation has distributed more than $25 million in assistance to current, retired and “Fallen in the Line of Duty” CHP employees and their families.

The important work of the Foundation has been enabled through the generosity of tens of thousands of individual donors and volunteers and by institutional grant funding.

The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization that provides Benefits and Scholarships to California Highway Patrol family members.

Fallen Heroes

The CHP 11-99 Foundation is devoted to providing emergency financial benefits to the family members of our Fallen Heroes.

Officer Kenyon M. Youngstrom

Contra Costa, CA – September 05, 2012

On the morning of September 4, 2012, California Highway Patrol Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, #18063, was working patrol in the Contra Costa Area, southbound I-680, just south of Livorna Road. His beat partner, Officer Tyler Carlton, #19662, radioed to Officer Youngstrom and requested assistance with stopping a Jeep approaching his location. Officer Youngstrom flagged the Jeep to the right shoulder, and it came to a stop behind his patrol vehicle. Officer Youngstrom approached the vehicle to make contact with the driver. Simultaneously, Officer Carlton parked his patrol vehicle directly to the rear of the Jeep. As Officer Youngstrom made contact with the driver of the Jeep, the driver opened fire, striking Officer Youngstrom. Officer Carlton observed this action and immediately fired upon the driver of the Jeep, mortally wounding him. Officer Youngstrom succumbed to his injuries on September 5, 2012, at 6:05 pm. Officer Youngstrom is survived by his wife, Karen, and their four children. Officer Youngstrom was 37 years old, and a member of the patrol for seven years.

officer kenyon youngstrom
Officer Kenyon M. Youngstrom

Officer Juan Gonzalez & Officer Brian Law

Kingsburg, CA – February 17, 2014

Officer Brian Law and Officer Juan Gonzalez were killed in a single vehicle crash while responding to an accident call on Highway 99, near Bethel Avenue, in Kingsburg at approximately 6:00 am.

Both officers were riding in the same cruiser responding to the accident, which had been incorrectly reported in the northbound lanes of Highway 99. As they responded to the scene they came upon the accident in the southbound lanes. The patrol car swerved in an attempt to avoid striking the previous collision, struck the guardrail, and overturned. They both suffered fatal injuries in the crash.

The officers had gone through the 27 weeks of training at the CHP Academy together in 2008, and became close friends as well as partners over the past six years.

Officer Gonzalez is survived by his mother, Maria Gonzalez, and sister, Sandra Gonzalez. Officer Law is survived by his wife, Rebecca and three children – Lauren (age 10), Brandon (age 9), and Samantha (age 2).

We are saddened by this tragedy and send our deepest condolences to the families of these brave Heroes.

If you would like to make a donation to the CHP 11-99 Foundation in memory of Officer Gonzalez and Officer Law, please call 714-529-1199.

officer juan gonzalez
Officer Juan Gonzalez
officer brian law
Officer Brian Law